Quick! Mushrooms with Potatoes

Yellow Mushrooms one pound
Potatoes one pound
put extra virgin olive oil and butter in a fry pan – warm up
chop one onion
as the butter melted and starts to fry
add the onion fry for two minutes
then add the potatoes cut in small dices one per one inch cook five minutes stirring
clean and wash the mushrooms
cut in pieces
add laurel leaves to the pan
some rosemary too
let the potatoes to be cooked
then add the mushrooms
and two pinches of marine salt
stir, cover and add half glass of white wine
cover and cook three minutes
open and continue to cook always stirring
add two spoons of tomato sauce
if needed add another pinch of salt
and always check the salinity before to complete the cooking
try one piece of mushroom to see…and they are ready
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