Quick Porcini Mushroom Sauce!

Make a cold tomato sauce blending tomatoes, basil and garlic, a bit of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of marine salt
Get the porcini mushrooms, clean, wash and dry with a clean clothe
Cut the mushrooms in pieces
Put in a fry pan extra virgin olive oil and butter
Make the butter to melt at low temperature
Drop the porcini in the fry pan
Set the fire to medium and cook for five minutes
Add few laurel leaves
Stir well and cook five minutes
drop two or three pinches of marine salt
Cook for three minutes
Add the cold tomato sauce
Stir well
Lower the flame and cook partially covered
Every five minutes stir well
Check for the salinity
If needed add more salt
The sauce need to reduce, check the taste and the consistence to stop cooking
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