Quick! Sting Ray!

Sting Ray is a wonderful, tasty fish, I love it fried but today I go to show you a simple preparation, just when you do not have time to cook, you can put it in the pan in this way and will be cooked without bother you too much to work around it.

but before you must have the “Garlic & Parsley Mix” ready: it is in the category: Preparations; did you forget how to make it? I will go shortly to explain to you again, right now!

You will find the StingRay already cleaned and cut in pieces of different sizes and weight in the fisheries….

Ingredients: (1 portion)

Sting Ray one piece of one pound (half kilo)

one spoon of Garlic & Parsley Mix – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

half glass of White Wine – two pinch of Marine Salt




I prefer break the bone of the Sting Ray to make easier take the bites of meat …I make a cut every two inches (5 centimeters)









if you did not have Garlic & Parsley mix left in the fridge go to make it quickly!










…clean and wash the Parsley…









…separating every leave, the stem must be discarded…










…peel the Garlic …







…dry the Parsley leaves using a colander











…put Garlic & Parsley in to the food processor…










…chop adding some Extra Virgin Olive Oil…









put the mix in a glass.









you will spread the Garlic & Parsley mix on both sides of the Sting Ray, then cook it in a fry-pan, adding a pinch of salt on each side









after about 7-8 minutes you turn upside down the Sting Ray so it will cook  on the other side, too

(between you and me my friend I do as it follows: usually I turn the fish upside down at least four times, cooking every side at least for two times, in this way: first side for 7-8 minutes adding Salt, second side 5-6 minutes adding Salt, again first side 3-4 minutes adding only a third of White Wine on top, again second side 3-4 minutes adding a third of White Wine on top; the last third of White Wine I keep to clean the fry-pan after the fish is already in the plate, this White Wine will go on top of the fish by the end, if the fish is too thick make the cooking time longer, the meat inside must remain light pink).





you will see the meat whitening, this means it is almost ready, so add the White Wine!

put the fish in the plate, then….







…add the last White Wine to the fry-pan and let it cook for one minute to evaporate the alcohol, then cover with this White Wine sauce the fish. Easy quick and Tasty!

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