Raw Fresh Tuna – Crudita’ Di Tonno

…Let’s say that Christmas is coming and you need to add an AWESOME appetizer to your menu’! what is better than this one! easy to do and tasty it is not too much expensive considering that with a slice of fresh Tuna (200 grams – half pound) you can make 4-6 appetizers!!!





Fresh Tuna

one Lemon

one clove of Garlic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Marine Salt

few fresh Tomatoes (small tomatoes like Ciliegino & S.Marzano are better for this recipe)

few Plums

note that you should add more tomatoes and plums to get more portions but not exaggerate! try to give at least 50 grams of tuna to each guest, this appetizer has to be ate with a good fresh bread.




 cut the Plums in small cubes










 after this put the cubes in a bowl and squeeze the Lemon juice on them…



















then chop the Tomatoes in cubes, too











 drop the Tomatoes with the Plums










 chop the Garlic small










 add the Garlic, too.










 mix well everything









 slice the Tuna with a sharp knife










 after this cut in cubes the Tuna…










 add the Tuna cubes to the bowl.










 a pinch of MArine Salt has to be added…










 …also two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil have to be added!










 mix everything very well…










 set in a plate: it is done!

this preparation is simply fantastic!!! and healthy!!!

Buon Appetito!



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