Regarding My Cooking Books

Well, you deserve some clarifications regarding my books.

Actually there are two of my culinary books published worldwide:

Cooking Foods – Italian Recipes Secrets – Soffritto


Cooking Foods – Italian Recipes Secrets – Risotto

Each book is in three versions, all in english:

_the electronic version for kindle, smartphone and computer; yes you can use your computer to read the kindle books: download the free application following this link:


_the full color book where the colored picture make easy the understanding of the description;

_the black and white book which is the same book containing the pictures in black and white: I made the books in black and white to get a cheaper book with the same content.

Black & White – A.D.K. 1 – Soffritto (Volume 1)

Black & White – A.D.K. 2 – Risotto (Volume 2)

I know that the full color book is expensive, on the other hand the black and white book is cheap and the electronic book is very cheap and also free if you have client privilege in Amazon (Kindle Unlimited).

In my books you will get every detailed instruction how to cook Italian style, many traditional terms and wordings are defined revealing the Italian housewives secrets.

Please follow the links below to get an eye to my books previews:


Thank you all for you kind attention, best regards &….Buon Appetito !

Maurizio Russo / A.D.K.






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