Regarding the quantities of Ingredients……….

……………Regarding the quantities of Ingredients……….

You have noted that I give you just an “hint” regarding the weight of the ingredients, I use half glass, two spoon, one pinch, and other ways to indicate you an approximate quantity; I do it with the purpouse to make you able to cook Italian Traditional Way with everything is available for you at that moment. You have to master the quantities just tasting the preparations, by the way follow my instruction! My Gran Mother Nina, born in the rich and fat town of Bologna more than hundred years ago, she did not have a scale available in her kitchen! Still remain on my tongue the inestimable taste of her “Cannelloni”…mmmh! Obvious, for certain special preparations I will give you the exact proportion and quantity, but listen to me: let your heart go and decide at the moment what is needed, again, tasting the food! By the way many recipes need an exact quantity, for example Chef Patissers are like Chemists when they weight grams or test for temperature! Respect them because their profession is truly complicate and needs great expertise, kindly see this picture…GORGEOUS!…Italian Pastry…absolutely FANTASTIC!  I have some good country cakes easy to make… I will show you later on….. one more thing: regarding the cooking time, I want to make you sure when the food is ready without be the slave of your watch…bye for now….

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