Roast Veal in Casserole (arrosto di vitello in casseruola)

Roast Veal in Casserole it is simple to prepare and tasty:


Start with the ingredients (6 portions):

rump of veal: 1 kg,

extravirgin olive oil: 1/2 glass,

carrot: 1 small,

onion: half,

laurel: 3 bay leaves,

rosemary: few leaves,

garlic cloves: 2 pieces,

salt: less than half spoon,

white wine: one glass,

a pinch of black pepper







Let’s go to cook the “soffritto” or “fried mixture of herbs”:

set the casserole on the fire, add the extravirgin oil, as soon the oil become hot add the chopped onion and carrot (pic AV 3 & AV 4) 








let them cook for a while, as the onion and carrot become yellowed add garlic, rosemary and laurel (pic. AV 4)







as the garlic yellowed put the veal inside the casserole (AV 5)










let the meat roast, frequently turning it upside down to make it brownie all around before to put pepper and  salt (AV 6)







this is helpful to avoid the serum inside the meat to escape, humidity is important to have a tasty dish! OK by now pepper and  salt both the meat sides! (AV 7)









let the meat take the salt turning it frequently (every 5 minutes) then add only half of the white wine (AV 8), let for few seconds the alcohol to evaporate then cover with a lid for 5 minutes (AV 9)












turn again upsidedown the meat and add the rest of the wine, cover with the lid for 10 minutes now! You still have to turn the meat upside down few times to get the best result! (AV F0)






with a glass of good Sicilian wine you enjoy your dish garned with it’s own dressing from the casserole, please check the color of the meat (AV F1), it cooked for 40 minutes since I put inside the casserole, buon appetito !





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