Roasted Dried Codfish (Stoccafisso al Forno)

There are two kind of Codfish used in the Italian culinary tradition: the codfish dried  with Salt named: “Baccala'” and the codfish dried by air: named: “Stoccafisso”. these two variety of the same fish are used for different preparations and we don’t mix them up. For example fried “Stoccafisso” cannot match with fried “Baccala'”, on the other hand “Baccala'”  is not so particularly tasty as “Stoccafisso” is when cooked in the oven. Paramount for the preparation of both type of dried Codfish is the water where the dried or salt fish is drown for at least two days in order to: get out the salt from the “Baccala'” or revive the flesh of the “Stoccafisso”. Usually the Italian fisheries keep the Dried Codfish “Stoccafisso” under water in particular tubs, and it can be sold either dry or after the water treatment; Salt Codfish “Baccala'” is usually sold as it is and then the housewife will put it in to the water at home to get rid of the salt; often Milk is used instead of water, Milk will speed the process to remove the salt. Today we are going to cook Dried Codfish “Stoccafisso” I bought it after the water treatment. When you buy this fish look that its flesh: it must be truly white, look through the pictures how good is this fish.

Ingredients: (8 portions)

5 pound (2 kilo) of Dried Codfish “Stoccafisso

two Pepper-Bells

Three Tomatoes or one cup of Tomato Sauce (or Juice)

half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

one glass of White Wine – one glass of Black Olives – one glass of  Green Olives

a fist of Pine-Cones – one Onion – some Garlic cloves – two Carrots

Celery – Laurel – Parsley


Lets start cutting the fish in big pieces,  do not remove the bones but cut them with the flesh










Clean well the Pepper-Bells











chop the Pepper-Bells in big pieces











chop Parsley and Garlic (use the same quantity of both, but it’s not so important, may be one fist of Parsley leaves and three-four cloves of Garlic) also you can use two spoons of the “Garlic & Parsley Mix” in the category “Preparations”







put the pieces of fish in to a bowl, add half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil…











…then mix well with your hand, be kinda on this: this fish will sustain your life so show respect!










drop the chopped Garlic & Parsley










and spread it well on the pieces of fish with your bare hands










cut the Onion and the Carrots in pieces (you can also use two spoons of the “Onion & Carrot Mix” in category “Preparations”)









put in to an oven-pan (here I used two) the chopped Carrots and Onion, few Laurel leaves, some Tomato Sauce and one spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil








set up the pieces of fish in to the oven-pan










spread on top the pieces of Pepper-Bells and the Olives (both green & black)










spread two pinches of MArine Salt









add the Pine-Cones all around










spread the Tomato Sauce on top, help yourself with a spoon











by the end spread the glass of White Wine.










put in the oven:

approximate time: 30 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) or 25 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) then check…








… to see if it is ready look on the top: the Pepper-Bells and Olives will be slightly roasted, Tomato Sauce becomes thick; you can check one piece with the fork but always check for the salinity: if you need more to add more Salt do it one pinch at time, spread on top with White Wine and put back in the hot oven for another five minutes…






set in the plate the fish having for each portion some of the Pepper-Bells, green & black Olives and Onion.

this dish is tasty, colorful and simple: you will love it!!!



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