Roasted Snapper & Lemon Potatoes

Roasted fish its excellent meal for any diet or party! you can eat so much you like and still you don’t have to worry about calories and fat, if you like the fish like I do with only a pinch of salt and some drops of fresh lemon juice.



we are going to prepare a fresh “Orata” fish which is very close to the Snapper.

Ingredients: (

one Snapper not less than one pound (half kilo) for each person)

Lemon – Marine Salt

Potatoes – Parsley – Garlic – White Wine








here we have few fishes, they are fresh: unfortunately my camera flash made the eyes “whiter” but they were transparent, sorry about, you will see the freshness of these fishes looking in the inside when I open their bellies.






yes, here we go! to clean the fish please refer to category “Preparations – How To Clean Fish: Snapper”

look the inside of the fish is gorgeous: the flesh is firm and white, the blood was a clear red, no blots, the Gills light red, the internal organs no swollen and without smell, the skin and scales firm; see all in details in the aforementioned category “Preparations”





get some potatoes and peel them










oven-paper is so useful…










put a bit of water on the bottom of an oven pan then set inside the paper: so your potatoes will not glue to the bottom








this time cut the potatoes longitudinally, make for big pieces for each one of them









put the pieces of potatoes inside a large bowl and add three-four pinches of Marine Salt for each kilo of them (2 pounds)








cut one Lemon (for each pound of potatoes)










and squeeze the juice on the potatoes










kindly mix with your bare hand, then you can leave for a while in the bowl and mix again before…








to set all the potatoes in to the oven pan: if some juice and salt remained in the bowl please drop it on top of the potatoes










put in the oven: 15 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) or 20 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) so the potatoes start to cook: we do this because they need a longer cooking time than the fish






prepare the fishes: put a pinch of Marine Salt inside each fish belly










also spread Marine Salt externally: two-three pinches for each side, use your fingers to drive the salt everywhere








use the “Garlic & Parsley”mix (category “Preparations”) or put some fresh leaves of Parsley and one Garlic clove inside each fish belly: if you don’t like the Garlic simply avoid to use it!






take out from the oven the Potatoes: set the fishes on top of them








in to the Oven now: 20-25 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) or 25-30 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) please note that time and temperature are approximate: you must check after 20-25 minutes if the fish needs to cook longer usually what I do is as follows:  after 15 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) I open the oven, I add a bit of White Wine on top of the fish, then I turn upside down the fish and I put it back in the oven for 10 minutes more, after that I should check with a small knife opening the flesh close to the head: if the inside is still pink and wet and you see the flesh sticks on the bones it needs to cook a little bit more, usually the time which I give to you is enough to get the fish cooked, but remember: the perfectly cooked fish has its flesh still pink where it is the spine-bone, spine bone have to remain “pinky”, too; to achieve this you need experience and the use of the knife, toothpick doesn’t work well. Few grams of weight, the humidity of your kitchen, the external temperature, the freshness of the fish, the type of fish, these are all variable which can change the cooking time, this is the reason to be elastic while cooking and to check constantly what you are doing, then your sense of smell and your eyes are the best tools to achieve your target.

also the Potatoes have to be roasted: if they are not yet brown on the top, take away the fish and let the Potatoes cook for 5 minutes more: you can use your oven top grill to do it!








your dish is ready: please go to category “Preparations” and read “How to Clean Cooked Fish”, or may be you don’t need to read it, so eat your fish before it become cold!!! Enjoy!






….you can also find in “Preparation: Sauces” the recipe for Leek Cream which is good to add-on top….













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