Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Rooster Risotto

I hope you have already got the recipe for “Barolo Rooster” so you can easily follow this one which is prepared with some parts of the same Rooster; on the same day I prepared and enjoyed both the recipes with my family and our close friends of Spotorno family and I set the dinner as follows: a good “Aperitivo” ( a light flavored liquor often mixed with fruit just to open the stomach) with small fried salt pancakes, an “Antipasto” composed of “Salame di Sant’Olcese”, “Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele”, “Mortadella di Modena”, Black Olives from “Taggia”, Green “Olives all’Ascolana”, Mrs. Maria Teresa Spotorno brought her famous “Vol-Au-Vent filled with Gongorzola Cheese and Grape” and “Russian Salad” , good fresh Italian Bread was on the table as usual. The first wine opened was “Bonarda” which with its sparkle bubbles create the right mood for everyone. After that we have the “Rooster Risotto” as “Primo Piatto” and then the “Barolo Rooster” as “Secondo Piatto”, “Barolo” red wine was opened one hour before, poured in decanters and consumed along the main courses. We completed the dinner with “Macedonia of Fruits” and “Caffe” with “Pine-Cones Cake”. I cooked the “Barolo Rooster” first and then the “Risotto”. Usually I cook the risotto during the meal, I like it fresh and I am just eating something at the table and then go back to the kitchen to prepare it.


Risotto taste can be changed with different ingredients but we have to remember that it is the perfection of  cooked rice which make this plate unforgettable!

I love to say:” The perfect Risotto is that made with Rice only” which means that if you excel cooking the rice and it become “perfect” you don’t need to add other ingredients.


I inform you that in this post there are bloody photos related to the preparation of this recipe: if you are sensitive to blood please don’t go further.








well, let’s go back to our recipe: I cleaned, washed and dissectioned our 4 pounds  Rooster, keeping the internal organs to be used in this recipee











in the Liver I individuated the Gallbladder…










separate it from the Liver, pay attention to not break the Gallbladder: it contains “Bile” which is particularly bitter and can ruin your dish!









discard the Gallbladder.













wattles, ear lobes and comb will be cut and used for the “Risotto”














cut with scissors or a sharp knife














if there are still hairs or feathers on the wattles, ear lobes and comb …











…use fire to burn them well!











I bought a small welding tool, cheap and useful, propane gas doesn’t leave any taste on the meat.













Stomach will be emptied, washed and used to make broth along with….











… Head & Neck,Liver, Lungs, Lower Legs, the edges of Wings, The Tail, part of the fat and skin, cleaned washed and ready. If the Rooster you bought is already cleaned, still you have small parts which can be used to make the broth like skin and fat, or you could even use only Vegetables as Onion, Carrots, Garlic, Celery…











at least half-hour before to start with Risotto we need to set the broth to boil, put all the aforementioned ingredients in to a pot with half-one gallon of water, add half fist of Marine Salt











usually I put on the stove the broth…













I will use the following ingredients:

two pounds (one kilo) of good quality rice “Carnaroli” is the best choice, or “Roma” or “Arboreo” please  do not use “Basmati” or “Thai Bonnet” are not good for risotto but excellent for different preparations.

Heart,Testicles, Kidneys, wattles, ear lobes and comb, a small part of the Breast and Skin,

7 ounces (200 grams) of “Prosciutto Crudo” or “Pancetta” (check the category “Video”)

two Garlic cloves, two Laurel Leaves, Marine Salt,

2 ounces (50 grams) of “Dried Porcini Mushrooms”,

half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one glass of Red Wine (“Barolo” is better)

two liter of the broth we are preparing a part,

one glass of the sauce from “Barolo Rooster” (or even a good Tomato sauce is fine).



firstly go to slice Heart,Testicles, Kidneys, wattles, ear lobes and comb, Breast and Skin











cut “Prosciutto Crudo” or “Pancetta” in small cubes












we have already softened the Dried Porcini Mushroom in warm water…










…shrink the Mushrooms…











…let the water gush out completely from the Mushrooms…












…then put in a plate with the other ingredients ready to go! Keep the Mushrooms water a part, we will use it later on.












chop the Mushrooms and the Garlic












everything in small pieces










let’s go to prepare the “Soffritto” pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in to a capable pot, add the Garlic first…













as the Garlic start to fade add the Mushrooms, too.











cook the Mushrooms only few minutes, then add the sliced meat (Heart,Testicles, Kidneys, wattles, ear lobes and comb, Breast and Skin)










finally add the “Prosciutto Crudo” or the “Pancetta” stir well and cook until the meat is roasted, meanwhile you add …










…the Laurel Leaves, too; pay attention that if the Laurel Leaves become in contact with the boiling oil they have small blasts and hot oil will be shoot around, burning your skin, so add the Laurel stirring it together with the meat, this in order to contain the danger.











remember that we cooked the “Barolo Rooster already! we are going to get one glass of this sauce to add to our “Soffritto”!












…here we go!











stir well everything












it is time to drop down the Rice: I used “Carnaroli” quality which is the best!










stir well mixing the Rice with your “Soffritto” then add the water used to soft the Dried Porcini Mushrooms, pay attention to not drop the residuals remained on the bottom of the cup.















our Broth should be ready now, we need it to complete the preparation












we will add our Broth to the “Risotto” one glass a time













as added the Broth stir well the “Risotto” checking that the Rice doesn’t stick and glue on the bottom of the pot, please note that in order to prepare a good “Risotto” I continuously stir it, if I stop is only for 20-30 seconds, always less than one minute: in this way I never have the Rice glued on the bottom of the pot and it will cook uniform and perfectly.

In particular: if you see the Rice becoming too dense, add Broth, if you finish the Broth add withe wine or even water but never leave the Rice become too dry, it must always be wet, not liquid, just wet.








try a bit of Rice with a small spoon checking for the salinity: you should consider that the Broth and the Sauce you added contain Salt. add the Marine Salt in small quantities, then check again the salinity and add more, if needed.









after 25-30 minutes after you dropped the Rice it should be cooked, just check if it is “Al Dente” then add the glass of Red Wine, stir and cover for not more than two minutes with a lid…











…then open the lid, stir again very well and re-check if the “Risotto” is ready.

I remind you that you should stir with a wooden tool, avoid plastic and metal tools, wooden tools are best.










do not let the “Risotto” waiting in the pot: it will continue to cook in there and you will find your preparation ruined. as soon “Risotto” is cooked “Al Dente” put it in the plates and serve: to appreciate all the flavor you have to eat it as it is ready.  Spread “Parmesan” “Grana” cheese on top is a must: as always I prefer a seasoned good “Pecorino” cheese…this “Rooster Risotto” is an excellent preparation which exceed more sophisticated “Risotto” prepared with more “Noble” food like Lobster or Truffles, the winning skill of this plate is due to the simplicity of the main ingredients, the internal organs which are not from a common Chicken but from a “Rooster” instead, a “King” of the nature, so be pleased and show respect in every bite. Plus I want to add that this “Risotto” is indicated when you have health problems, the interior organs used either for the “Soffritto” and for the “Broth” have certain proprieties which help and sustain the human body to recover. Buon Appetito and “Salute!”

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