Salmì Di Cervo – Venison In Sauce

I kept for two days the venison in the marinade
the marinade is composed of white wine, lemon juice, laurel leaves, sage, rosemary, thyme, onion, garlic, juniper berry, black pepper in grain, nutmeg
this is the meat seasoned two days in the marinade after I separated from the marinade
I do a further process, because I want to add minched beef to the sauce, so I do as it follows:
I put back the venison inside a empty pot, then I add the minched beef
I filter the marinade adding only the liquid to the beef
all the leaves and the spices, which worked two days realising their flavor, are separated
these spices and leaves have to be descarded
I separate the minched beef so it get the same taste of the venison
I seat the big pieces of beef on the wood ready to cut
I make a longitudinal cut, then I slice the two parts
as you can see are big pieces thick at least half inch
the surface is around two inches
you can also cut in dices, upon to your taste
I separate the minched beef from the marinade
I keep it in a bowl to be used later
this is all the meat: I put it to drip the juice
do not let the beef with juice or it will ruin the recipe, however all the juice is recovered and added to te sauce later on
here are all the ingredients for the sauce
as you see are many herbs and spices
revive the dried porcini mushrooms in warm water
I love to use this kind of knife that we call “mezzaluna” or half-moon
I start chopping garlic and rosemary
in this way
as it is small
I add dill, sage, thyme and the mushrooms
chopping everything small
on another wood I cut the onion
I just use the knife
I do it apart because onion need to be fried first otherwise the other spices will burn
in a pot I drop extra virgin olive oil
I add the onion leaving it to fade at medium fire
as the onion is done I add two pieces of butter, I do this to not burn the spices which I will add soon
Also the laurel is added now, I didn’t chop it because it becomes hard if bitten, its much better to separate as everything is cooked
I drop the spices
I always prefere a wooden spoon to cook
now let it cook sòowly
you can stir a bit
at the “soffritto” starts to get color you add the beef, piece after piece
in this way: add some beef
and stir letting it to broil
set the fire to high or your meat will release too much liquid
broil all sides then gather it on one side
so you can add the rest of the meat, but not too much, just few pieces
which you will turn upside down to make all the surfaces colored
then you repeat again making space for more beef
if you do like that you will be able to cook properly the beef even if your pot is not very big
the most important thing is that you need to be patient and make the meat surface brown
this time I photographed all the times I added the meat just to show you
I never put all together
because this compromise the cooking
the meat need to broil not to boil and this make the difference
and enable us to get the excellence
now I add juniper berries
not too many, I add only few pepper grains, too
three pinches of marine salt
spread all around
continuing stirring
the water from the mushroom
is added
the pine-cones
keep the fire high
always stirring
add fresh tomatoes, or juice,this time I used pieces in the can in pieces
not all together or you make the sauce too cold
one by one I added four cans for a total of two pounds
stir well, letting the sauce to get the boil
then add the marinade juice
and stir, cooking until it takes the boil again
stir well then check the salinity
this is very important to be done
if needed add more salt
always keep stirring
check the consistance of the sauce and the salinity again
add s bit of balsamic vinegar
reduce the flame to slow and let cook
the sauce will reduce the volume
its important that every three-four minutes you stir again everything
you have to taste to see if is cooked
take from the fire, add two pieces of butter on top and leave to rest
in a warm place
prepare hand made pastaone pound of flour type 00 and ten eggs
flat the dough then cut with a knife
cook the pasta in boiling, salt water, you will enjoy the sauce and the meat all together
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