Sardines Fish Pie



Sardina Fish – cleaned from head, guts, scales, bones – one pound

Bred Crumbs, very small – 0ne pound

Egg, fresh – 4 eggs

Grated Cheese – 4 ounces

Extra virgin olive oil



Sardina Fish or “Sarda” is one of the “Pesce Azzurro” from Mediterranean sea. Choose the bigger ones and ask the seller to clean from head, guts, scales, bones leaving the two side together by the skin. This operation looks complicate but, believe me, its very easy for any fisherman. For this recipe, instead of Sardines, you could use Anchoves or any other small fish that you like.

sarde (2)

Sardines are cleaned and ready.

sarde (8)

Put 4 ounces of grated cheese and two fresh eggs inside a bowl.

sarde (13)

Mix together with a fork.

sarde (15)

Add one spoon of extra virgin olive oil.

sarde (20)

I use aluminum oven-pan: cover the bottom with a thin layer of Bread Crumbs.

sarde (22)

Now we seat the Sardines inside the oven-pan: before to proceed check, one by one, to remove any bones left, especially the dorsal fin.

sarde (23)

Just remove the dorsal fin with the fingers.

sarde (25)

Make a layer with half of the Sardines.

sarde (26)

Spread some bread crumbs on top.

sarde (28)

Make a layer of the eggs and cheese mixture.

sarde (31)

Spread it well on top of the fishes.

sarde (32)

Put the rest of Sardines on top covering everything.

sarde (34)

Still spread bread crumbs.

sarde (36)

Cook in the oven at 360 Fahrenheit 7 180 Celsius for 8-12 minutes.

sarde (38)

Let cool down before to cut the portions.


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