Sea Bass & Potatoes

Fresh fish is the healthier protein food you can get.

Today I bought 4 “Spigola” or “Branzino” a fish similar to Sea Bass. I want to cook it in the oven and in the simplest way, to maintain the fish taste high. I will add some Potatoes too, and I like give a fish flavour to them, so you’ll see what I am going to do, nice and easy.



 Ingredients: (4 portions)

4 Fresh Sea Bass: one pound each (500 grams)

2 pounds (1 kilo) of Potatoes

4 spoons of “Garlic & Parsley Mix” (check in category “Preparations”

one glass of White Wine  – two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Marine Salt



 let’s say that we cleaned the fish already (check in category “Preparations – Cleaning Fish”), Potatoes are peeled of their skin too.

cut the potatoes in big pieces…









 …like I do in the pictures











 you don’t need to use sharp knife, just any knife is good for the job…











 seat the Potatoes in the oven-pan: the flat part on top so you’ll avoid that Potatoes stick and glue to the bottom, set them close each other









 spread Marine Salt on top












 we put a small pinch of Marine Salt inside each fish belly too,












 also we spread Marine Salt on the fish skin…













 …on both sides.













also put half spoon of “Garlic & Parsley Mix” inside each fish belly












 and the remaining half spoon on both sides of each fish











 after that place the fishes on the top of the Potatoes in the oven-pan










 use the half glass of White Wine to get the “Garlic & Parsley” residual from the bowl used for the fishes: then spread the White Wine on top of the Fishes already in the oven-pan







 if the fish tail is out of your oven-pan because the fish is too big, cut the tail with scissors and discard it.










 put in the oven for 30 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) or 25 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius)









when the fish is ready you should use a flat tool (like those used for the cakes) to move each fish in to a plate.









Simple and tasty: just few ingredients and the game is over!





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