Sea Food Preparation – Canolicchi Vongole

Shelled Sea Foods are so tasty and delicate that make our heart immediately happy!

It is imperative to eat only fresh Sea Food: this means “ALIVE” Sea Food, please go to read in the category “Ingredients” more details.



Here in the picture you can see how sea foods are controlled by government authorities: sea foods are cleaned and purified in special plants, then inspected, labelled and sold, in the label they must have written the origin, the date of packing and the serial number.

Today we are going to prepare Shelled Sea Foods: Cannolicchi and Vongole






Let’s go to clean up our sea food from impurities and sand, so we have to put fresh water in to a container adding one fist of Sea Salt for every 3-4 liters (1 gallon)








 mix the water with the salt for a while










 get your fresh sea food, here we got Cannolicchi









 drown your Cannolicchi in the water with salt, stir with your hand for a while (1 minute or less is enough) then leave in the water for 20-30 minutes








 Let’s do the same with Vongolas









 Well under the water, stir and then leave in the water for other 20-30 minutes: this process, which I repeat at least twice, will take out impurities and sand








now we drop the Cannolicchi in a colander 








 rinse with running water









 do the same with Vongolas









 rinse with running water










 and again in to renowed water….









 adding new salt









 no worries, a fist of Sea Salt is good for a gallon of water!









 stir for a while….

then leave in the water for other 20-30 minutes again








 do the same with Cannolicchis








 yes, the same process… now you don’t have to buy Vongola & Cannolicchis together to do this preparation: this is valid for any type of Sea Food which I know…  







 ….let them seat for a while in the salt water again









 and again rinse with running water

 now Cannolicchis are ready, meanwhile you did the washing process you prepared the boiling water for them…







 ….so go to drop the Cannolicchis in the boiling water!!!








 better cover or the smell of fish will go all around your house! by the way sea food cook better with a lid







 cook for five minutes in boiling water, then you can check, stirring a little to see but they should be cooked already! if not, leave to boil other 2-3 minutes







 drop the boiled Cannolicchis  in a colander, you can keep the broth (cooking water) contained in a vase or casserole below the colander, this sea food broth will be useful to  carry out recipes







 Let’s go with Vongolas now! Drop the Vongolas in a colander…








 rinse well with running water









 have you prepared the boiling water pot? If so go to boil the Vongolas!








  Let’s boil for five minutes… 









if boiling water try to go out of the pot open the cover so the steam can escape free








 now Vongolas are ready, drop them in the colander, contain their broth in a container that you already put under the colander, then let the broth to become cold for 10-15 minutes eventually the sand will remain on the bottom…let’s see…






 after 10-15 minutes will pour the broth in a glass, today I need just one glass in order to prepare Sea Food Vongolas Sauce for my Spaghetti…categories “Recipes”…







 well you see it? some sand accumulated on the bottom, as I said to you before








 if this sand goes in the sauce it will ruin my spaghetti, and we don’t wont this!








OK, today we prepared Sea Foods: Cannolicchis and Vongolas, now go to delight your mouth reading the followings recipes: Crispy Sea Food Canolicchi Gratinati & Sea Food Sauce Vongole!




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