Sea Food Sauce Vongole

Please prior to proceed go to read my previous comments about seafood in the categories “Ingredients” & “Preparations” 






This we are going to prepare is one of the most tasty, delicate and easy-to-do recipe of Italian Traditional Cuisine!  I promise you tremendous joy today!









 You prepared Boiled Vongolas as per my previous post in category “Preparations” also you kept aside one glass of the water (cleaned from sand) we used to boil the Vongolas as I suggested in the same post











 the Boiled Vongolas look like clean but there could be a surprise…..









….sand! this can ruin your sauce!


 so pay attention: if you see or notice by your fingers sand, just…..












 …go to wash under running water!










 look sometimes which suprise we could get!

You can also do this check dropping each one of the “vongola” from one feet high to your sink marble: if it opens means is empty and perhaps full of mud and sand!











after the sand check and eventually a washing of our Vongolas, let’s go to teake out the fruit from the shell











we collect the fruits into a clean container












… just like I do…












 the shells will be discarded but few shells will be kept with their fruit still attached inside, this will be used as guarniture of the plate…only few…not many, two or three for each person are enough….choose the best!










 wash very well those shells you kept whole with the fruit, because shells are more difficult to clean from the sand than the fruits are











 also external flush of running water is helpful on this…











now we are ready to go! 











 get some Garlic and Parsley or use their prepared mix as per category “Preparations”











 clean and wash the parsley leaves, peel the garlic skin…












 chp very small…













 put half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a fry pan and warm it up!












 drop the Garlic & Parsley mix in the boiling oil… 











 pay attention! do not leave fry for long time! you must fry for two or three minutes, as the garlic and parsley should still remain fresh, as they start to fade….












 …add the Vongolas! and stir immediately for 30 seconds let fry for two or three minutes











 then add part of the Vongolas broth you have in the glass… may be half glass is enough!











 add a little bit of white wine too! a quarter of glass or more but not make the sauce too liquid!











 add one or two pinch of salt, try the salinity now, it tasty beautiful, isn’t it!












 after 10-15 minutes from the beginning (since you put garlic & parsley in the fry pan) your Vongolas Sauce is ready, add two spoons of butter now! (no don’t even think about! I never used margarine in my whole life…)….stir with the fire off…










…. this sauce is perfectly cooked!












 look! look how the butter melt! this is gorgeous sauce!













 cook some Spaghetti now, cook them al dente please!












 throw, yes, literally throw the spagetti in the Vongolas Sauce, put on the fire and stir for two three minutes….













 this will be for you a wonderful gastronoimic experience!










 put in the plate, garnish with some Vongolas stil in their shells and serve to your guests…or to yourself!

I promise to you tremendous joy in your heart… do you fill it now!!!









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