Simply Roasted Fin Fish

Hi Hunt (WM)! this recipe is for you! Still waiting you come to visit Italy…so I’ll prepare some “special” dish just for you!

It will be a tasty preparation: first of all you clean the Fin Fishes as per instruction in the category “Preparations”;

this recipe is very close to  “Linguine with Fin Fish Sauce”: see category “Recipes”  





My wooden oven temperature is always around 250 degrees Celsius ( 482 degrees Fahrenheit) this is an ideal temperature to me, this is due to my attitude to cook avoiding to be always scared to burn the food, just pay the needed attention, without exaggerate.

I have also a big wooden oven in my garden, we use it for Pizza, Farinata, Sea Bass or  Trout or Fish Soups or even when we cook Pig os Wildboar or Deer rather than Turkey or Pheasant or…. OK when I do a party at my house it is BIG TIME !!!






 Ingredients: (1 fish per person )

for each person 1 beautiful and fresh Fin Fish! please more than 350 grams (12 ounce) each!

Garlic cloves – Sage (fresh leaves) – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Marine Salt – White Wine – Tomato Sauce

 only that ? Yes, and you will see how great and tasty dish you will get!







after cleaned the fishes, put inside each belly a pinch of salt (not too much! just a pinch) half Garlic clove and one fresh leaf of Sage.










set the fishes in an oven pan, after wet it with a little bit (one spoon) of  Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little bit (two spoons) of the Tomato Sauce. you should put in the bottom the remaining of Garlic cloves and Sage leaves…(2-3 Garlic cloves – 2-3 fresh Sage leaves)…









…spread Marine Salt on top of the fishes: this time be a little bit generous but check if the Tomato Sauce is already salty: in this case put less salt.

If you do not have ready at home the Tomato Sauce you can do this dish mashing fresh Tomatoes in the food processor, only this will result a little bit more liquid and you have to add more salt.








 …spread Tomato Sauce on top of the fishes, cover the fish but they do not have to be sunk!










look: just like that, add half glass of White Wine on top now, do it gently, without removing the Tomato Sauce… pour the wine in the spaces between the fishes….










 put in the oven, 250 Celsius or 482 Fahrenheit and cook!











 …after 25 minutes take out from the oven, check if the Sauce is salty enough (if not add Salt!) add half glass of White Wine on top then put back in the oven. during this time (no more than 2-3 minutes out of the oven) you can check (inserting a knife in the meat upper the fins where the meat is thick!) to see if the fishes are ready; in this case you will cook only for other 5 minutes to evaporate the alcohol, if not ready cook for longer….( did you check the oven temperature frequently?)








this is the result; I made these fishes one night: a quick dish after my son came back from a victorious soccer game, the dish was prepared without abundant tomato sauce : if you want to have Pasta with a similar sauce, go to category  “Recipes – Linguine with Fin Fish Sauce” the procedure is similar with more tomato sauce adding some ingredients: you should go to check it out!

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