Butter Spinach With Balsamic Vinegar

Just a simple and quick way to cook your spinaches, complementary to your main course (tomorrow I’ll post the main course …small livers..)…


 first of all, prepare the spinaches cleaning and washing them very well with running fresh water….you can use frozen spinaches, too….







 the colander will help you to dry the spinaches









one clove of garlic and some extra virgin olive oil are set to fry for a while….








 as the garlic starts to fade….









 …you will add the spinaches









 a pinch of marine salt is requested…









 then cover with the lid… 










 …let it cooks for 5 minutes (covered)









 after this open and stir for a while









 you will see the spinaches reducing their volume, the steam is the water previously contained in the spinaches








 as the spinaches reduced to one-third add a spoon of balsamic vinegar ( from Modena) and stir…








 then add one spoon of butter








 stir well then get the garlic off.









Your spinaches are ready….fast and delicious!!!








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