Spinach on the side – Spinaci in Padella

This side dish is simple and so good that he can be eaten a main course, too. Spinach is an important ingredient of many traditional Italian recipes and for its versatility can be prepared in many different ways along with meat, fish, other vegetable or alone. Following is the most simple of the recipes, I just want to put it on the side to “wildboar heart” and I suggest, if you like, to spry it with a hint of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar as you finish to cook it, otherwise so simple is even better to get the true spinach taste.





marine salt

extra virgin olive oil





 I will then cook the wildboar heart later on, I have only put them under a spices marinade…







Start cutting off the spinach stems (to be discarded).









 Wash the spinach leaves under fresh running water.









After this set inside a colander to drip out the water.








 Put two spoons of extra virgin olive oil in to a fry pan, add chopped garlic and carrot and fry for few minutes, until they start to fade…pay attention to the garlic: it has not to burn otherwise the dish will become too bitter.





Add the spinach leaves as garlic and carrot faded.








A small pinch of marine salt is needed to maintain the color and to set the taste.









Cover with a lid and let cook slowly, at moderate fire.








 You will see the spinach cooked by their own steam.










Only few minutes are needed for this delicious dish.








You should now set in a plate… 










 …and drip out the excess of water and oil: after that  prepare the main course.








This is the complete plate of wildboar heart ( please refer to the next recipe) with spinach on the side.









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