String Green Beans Pie in Wooden Oven

You need boiling salty water
string green beans
take off the tip and discard
wash in the water
drop in the boiling water four minutes
take from the water and put to dry
boil the same weight of potatoes they are ready as you can pierce inside with the fork
process the potatoes in the blender
add four eggs and seven ounces (200 gr) of grated cheese
check the salinity
put in to a bowl
cut the green beans in to one inch pieces
mix with eggs and potatoes
you will get this stuffing
seat a layer of dough in to a oven pan
fill all inside witht the stuffing
cover with a layer of puff pastry – pasta sfoglia
make the borders to adhere each other
make holes on the surface
put inside the oven
let it cook
take as is ready
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