Stuffed and Broiled Filet of Pig

Often we don’t have enough time to cook, but we’d like something tasty and good, just running in the market I found a whole Fillet of Pig, doesn’t matter the weight, I still have in my fridge some half seasoned Cheese (Pecorino, which is my favorite and always I keep some just in case I get hungry)…this recipe is very fast and easy to do!




 Ingredients (this was for me and my wife)

two-pound of Filet of Pig (OK I know it’s too much! but I am a big man and I like it!)

10 ounces of half-seasoned Cheese (also a soft Cheese is good, like Gorgonzola)

few Laurel Leaves – Garlic – Marine Salt – Extra Virgin Olive Oil








 cut longitudinally the Filet, leave one side uncutted, slice the Cheese and insert the slices in the pocket you made










 use some toothpicks to close the meat












 just like this, perfect!











 put two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to warm to a fry-pan with lid, add the Laurel and the Garlic








 as the oil starts to boil seat the meat in to the fry-pan and cover with the lid, let it cooks for 10-15 minutes, then open, spread a pinch of Marine Salt on top, turn the meat upside down, again a pinch of Marine Salt on top and finally add a quarter of glass of White Wine, as you add the wine close the lid, cook for another five minutes, it should be ready!





it was really good!








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