Stuffed Beef Rolls (Involtini Imbottiti)

This plate is for my friend Nick: how are you doing Nick? !!! This is a slight different version of “saltimbocca alla romana”: “saltimbocca” means: jump in the mouth!

Stuffed Beef Rolls is quick and tasty dish using only three simple ingredients: Beef, “Pancetta & Salvia Fresca”.

“Pancetta” is fatty pork meat treated with salt and spices to have a particular taste, “Salvia Fresca” are fresh Sage leaves, do not prepare this dish with dry sage, please don’t do it!

 Ingredients: (8 portions)

two pounds (1 Kilo) of Beef

half pound (250 Grams) of “Pancetta”

8-16 leaves of fresh Sage

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – White Wine – Thins Salt

You cannot find “Pancetta” in your town? No worries! I will post the “How to Make Pancetta” in April 2012….just for you….and you will do it at your own home!!!




First let’s go to cut the Beef…










in order to make the Beef thin and softer I beat each slice using a particular hammer which we call “batticarne”, do this operation gently, sizing the Beef in large slices…if you do not have hammer use any heavy object like a thick glass or a bottle, usually I do it with my hand knuckles…






put one or two fresh Sage leaves in each slice of Beef…









cover the meat with “Pancetta” slices









Roll the meat inward









….and as the meat covered its stuffing…..










….use toothpicks to seal it!











just a stuffed roll of meat









let’s go to prepare many of these











beat the Beef…put Sage…then Pancetta…









….and roll!











….when it’s ready….









….toothpicks to seal!











two or three toothpicks are enough










use a fry-pan with a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook the rolls










you can set many together in the fry-pan but pay attention of two things:

first: the fry-pan must be hot-hot-hot since the beginning! if you put the meat in a cold pan the result is you will get a lot of water gushing out of the meat, this will cause the meat not cooked properly making the dish very poor! proper cooking means the meat will be roasted, not boiled!!!

second: depending of the origin and also the cut of the meat, if it is fresh or congealed, if  the animal was treated with steroids or if it was grown in natural way, these aspects can cause water in the fry-pan, we don’t want it, to avoid too much water do not put many rolls in the fry-pan but only one or two at a time, in this way even if water is produced it is in small quantity and it should evaporates immediately in a hot-hot-hot fry-pan and the meat will cook perfectly.




this is a quick dish: after two-three minutes turn upside-down the rolls so the other side can cook; then spread some thin salt on top of the meat but not too much: remember “Pancetta” is already salty!

let cook the other side for two-three minutes, remember the fire must be high, then you spread on top half glass of White Wine and as soon as its alcohol evaporates put in the plates!







use the wine residual (fondo di cottura) to moist the “Stuffed Beef Rolls”








Remember to remove the toothpicks from the meat.

If you like strong tastes you can add to the stuffing a slice of Cheese (tastes are tastes…for me I always add one chilly “Habanero” inside…you don’t do that please!!!) but adding cheese it you kill the delicacy of this light dish turning it “heavy”, by the way also add Rosemary to the oil can be done, but the taste will not be the same, so follow my suggestion: Beef, Pancetta & Sage, that’s it!




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