Stuffed Squid

This is my true masterpiece : “Calamaro Ripieno” I dedicated this my own recipe to my Mom “Zita” for this reason is so important to me.

I want to share love and joy with you all, please follow my instruction to do this recipe, then get a bite of this delicious dish, and you will finally be sure that the Heaven exist.




 Ingredients: (for two)

two fresh Squids (one pound – 500 grams each when fresh, after cleaning the weight decrease of one-third)

one Egg

half pound (250 grams) of seasoned Cheese (here I use the excellent  “Castelmagno” Cheese, also a good seasoned “Pecorino” or “Cacio” or “Parmigiano Reggiano” or “Grana Padano” are very good for this preparation) you will ground the Cheese

two Tomatoes ( or a pound (500 grams) of tomato juice)

half glass of White Wine – a quarter of glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

few Garlic Cloves – few Laurel Leaves – Marine Salt

two spoons of Garlic & Parsley mix (check in categories “Preparations”)

 First of all you have to clean the Squids, the instructions are in the category “Preparations – Cleaning Fish – Squid”


 You must keep the whole heads without break or cut it, instead you go to gut the legs in pieces











then warm up few spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fry in it one clove of Garlic, after you have cut it in the middle











as the garlic fades add the Squids legs in the fry pan and cook for six-eight minutes











take out the Garlic clove

the Squids legs gave some water already, as the water dry a little bit…












 …you have to add a quarter of the glass of White Wine you have, stir and let cook for other four-five minutes, as the White Wine dry that take out from the fire and let the Squids legs cool down for a while, may be five minutes are enough












then put in the food processor the seasoned Cheese (cut in small pieces) and process it, then add the Squids legs and two spoons of “Garlic & Parsley mix” if you don’t have it ready just add two Garlic Cloves and few Parsley Leaves, then chop everything for few minutes














now you go to add two pinches of Marine Salt and the Egg, process everything to make the stuffing ready….











to go inside the Squids Heads














you should use a small spoon to do a clean job! (or a posh-bag)














no worries if you don’t use all,  you can make other preparations with the remaining stuffing













pay attention:  you must fill only one-third of the head (and never more than half) or the stuffing will break the head while cooking













 to close the head we will use wooden tooth-picks













 Let’s go to process the Tomatoes













 this is an old hand-processor, you can use the electronic mix, instead. Please process the whole Tomato, skin & seeds are so good and full of minerals and vitamins!












 set in to an oven pan few Laurel Leaves, two cut Garlic Cloves, some Tomato juice…












 …and two pinches of Marine Salt












 put the Stuffed Squids in to the oven pan, then cover them with Tomatoes juice…












 add two Laurel Leaves and the remaining quarter of glass of White Wine on the top











 add also on the top two pinches of Marine Salt











 put in the oven to cook you can cook  at a temperature of 500 Fahrenheit (260 Celsius) for 30-35 minutes, or for example at  800 Fahrenheit (420 Celsius) for 20-25 minutes, doesn’t matter the temperature and the time! you should notice the good smell of cooked Stuffed Squids going around your kitchen as they are properly cooked! and you cannot resist to go to check if they are ready to be eaten!!! no worries if you are around in your kitchen you never will burn Stuffed Squids, neither if you are at the phone with your mother! the only danger is when your neighborhood will notice the Stuffed Squids smell… close the windows hurry up! or they will assault your food!







as you notice that the Squids are ready, spread on top a little bit of White Wine, just a little, then take out from the oven…












…and set in the plate, ready to go!













 you will cut in thick slices dressed with a bit of their own sauce….












This is a masterpiece and I am truly happy that I can share it with you all! I am sure you will become full of love and joy after you’ve enjoyed this irresistible delicacy, the Heaven is in your plate now!











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