Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sweet Milk (Laete Duce)



Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sweet Milk (Laete Duce)




I remember this sweet cake prepared by Mom, I do three versions of this preparation just changing the quantity of flour, (this one is the first recipe for the normal cake, then adding a total of seven spoons of flour you will have a cake to be cooled down and cut in pieces to be fried and finally adding only a total of only two spoons of flour you will obtain a crème to fill other cakes…), I did it in hurry and I was almost missing the plate when I did the upside-down, as you will see…







1/4 of pound of butter

1/4 of pound of brown sugar

four spoons of flour (type 00)

1 liter of whole milk





set the sugar (I love brown sugar) and the butter in to a pan, and heat with slow fire









while the butter is melting, you should stir mixing it with the sugar









as you complete this









you will add four spoons  of flour









if you want more consistence of this soft cake add a fifth spoon of flour







stir well mixing the flour with the sugar and butter, do it slowly with easy fire but mix everything very well









this operation can take few minutes but it  works!









now, slowly add the milk, always stirring









until you have added 1 liter of milk









keep stirring, you have to slowly make the milk to boil









do this operation with kindness and love and your cake will become more sweet!









after a while you will see the milk becoming more consistent









pay attention the milk doesn’t glue on the bottom, use always a wooden spoon for this operation







you can check the density raising the spoon this to avoid surprises…which surprise?









The milk boils very fast and if you don’t give care suddenly  it will jump off the container going all over and burning your hands! be careful!








Therefore, as you can see in the picture, the milk starting to boil, keep stirring and reduce the fire to the lowest you can, but make the milk take at least one boil, then stop the fire.







Use a bowl previously wet with fresh water, to recover the hot cake









put aside and cover it letting cool down









after few hours, or the day after, the cake is ready to be upside-down!









do this operation carefully, the use a spoon to eat this simple, genuine and delicious dessert.







Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sweet Milk (Laete Duce)

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