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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sauce Fin Fish Small

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sauce Fin Fish Small Find more details in my books puiblished by   First we prepare the fishes Open the belly to remove the guts Wash the fishes under fresh water Sometimes we are lucky to find eggs: we can add to the sauce We keep the interiora (bowels […]

Simply Roasted Fin Fish

Hi Hunt (WM)! this recipe is for you! Still waiting you come to visit Italy…so I’ll prepare some “special” dish just for you! It will be a tasty preparation: first of all you clean the Fin Fishes as per instruction in the category “Preparations”; this recipe is very close to  “Linguine with Fin Fish Sauce”: see category […]

Cleaning Fish – Fin Fish

Fin Fish is one of the most tasty fish to be prepared in many different ways, especially when you make fish soups and sauces due to its meat so tasty, soft and firm; it is particularly easy to clean-up because is without big scales, after cooked pay attention to its small but sharpen bones.   […]

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