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COOKING FOODS ITALIAN RECIPES – HURRICANE SAUCE FILET MIGNON MORE DETAILS ON MY CULINARY BOOKS PUBLISHED ON AMAZON.COM   HURRICANE SAUCE FOR YOUR BEEF!!! …..on these days I am sailing in the Caribbean on board a luxury ship! The bad weather news describes the hurricanes as a strong force which persist in the area, wrapping […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quick Fish Rice

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quick Fish Rice More details in my culinary books published by             Often we do not have enough time to go to the market to get fresh fish, so what we do? we keep some frozen fish in the fridge. This is a quick recipe […]

Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Fish – Cuttlefish Black Rice

 Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods:  Cuttlefish Black Rice – Aldentekitchen This typical fishermen “Risotto” is from my own town, Genova. Still “Sepias” or Cuttlefish are abundant in our sea, the “Mar Ligure” and the fresh Sepias price is not so high alike for other fishes, for example the cost of fresh “Calamari” or Squids […]

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