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Roy Cruise’s new romance: “SURFING”

“Achara felt sadness and grief “Is this what I am become? A goddess? Or I am just a proficient prostitute who cannot chose her life? The pain I feel in my heart, my desire to have a family, children whom I am denied to get, after Saman ordered Windel to take out my ovaries to avoid such risk! I remember Windel was crying while we were going to the surgeon room. I was thirteen. Saman and his armed men waited outside. Which hell of life I had and still: I flied away just to find out a worst reality: this poor girl ignoring this rotten world: she is here to sustain her family and is promptly abused by her friends? At least my faith is to be a prostitute since I was a child, I have small hope but I am trying my best to change my destiny, what about her? Which kind of spider-net captured her only to wait to be inoculated with poison to wait to be then devoured by such kind of insects. Oh, my Buddha, please help her instead of me, she needs more help and she is nothing else than a small girl with kind heart full of fear and confusion”.

Salsa Legata Ai Porcini Secchi

This is a particular kind of sauce, used when we have not enough ingredients to satisfy a lot of guests. We will multiply our sauce just adding broth and flour to it. The following recipe is carried out with dried porcini mushrooms (which, unfortunately, were not really at their best), but you can utilize the same process using meat, fish or other vegetables. Also you […]

Salciccia Con Pure’ Rustico

Another easy preparation with a tasty way to make mashed potatoes as side dish, too. The pork sausages are fresh and the potatoes too, “Bologna” yellow quality…simply the best…         Ingredients: (4 portions) one pound of  pork sausages one pound of potatoes two garlic cloves few sage leaves a pinch of marine salt […]

Codfish In Cheese Cream – Stoccafisso Al Taleggio

There are so many different excellent cheeses in Italy. One of the best is “taleggio” a creamy cheese born in the  homonym beautiful village of Taleggio stoned in the nature near Bergamo in north of Italy. In this recipe I will use the harder part of the fennels (I separated and put away in the recipe “bitter fennels”). If you are […]

Bronze Bream with Olives & Capers – Pagello Olive e Capperi

I was in the fish-market when I sought those truly fresh fishes  (in the pictures) at a convenient price: immediately I bought! The bronze bream or  “pagello” is red fish with tasty flesh, I am going to show you one of the easiest way to cook it with few ingredients: this is really dietetic food but […]

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