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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Lean Mince Beef Sauce “Ragù”

      Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Lean Mince Beef Sauce “Ragù” More details in my books published on           Ingredients: Lean Minch Beef – one pound Sausage (pork) – half pound Prosciutto (crudo) or pancetta – 4 ounces (120 grams) Tomatoes – two pounds Basil, parsley, celery, laurel (bay […]

Minced Beef Sauce – Ragu’ Di Carne

This is our famous ragu’ di carne” used to complete many italian recipes but first of all it is one of the best condiment for our “pasta”. It is so delicious and full of proteins and vitamins that “pasta with ragu”” is a suggested food to grown up our kids. You can keep in fridge for […]

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