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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Cannelloni Al Forno (& Bechamel Sauce)

This recipe is from mia Grand Mother Nina.

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pig & Asparagus Canelloni Rolls

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pig & Asparagus Rolls More details in my culinary books published by             First, put half fist of marine salt in 3-4 liter of fresh water. Add vegetable you like (as garlic, onion, carrot, etc.) and the head of pig in the cold water, cover […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Beef Rolls -Involtini Di Carne Imbottiti

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes: Beef Rolls -Involtini Di Carne Imbottiti       You can use any kind of sliced beef, pork or turkey meat to prepare the rolls; also you can use more ingredients for the stuffing.         Ingredients: Beef Cheese Arugula Prosciutto Crudo   Have some fresh beef slices.       […]

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