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Damped Tripe (Trippa Accomodata)

What about Tripe? On old times the good cuts of meat were for rich people only. Tripe was the only cheap meat that poor people could buy. Different kinds of preparations were experimented and so many recipes for tripe were born.  Usually fishermen, workmen and “Camalli” fed themselves and their families with tripe. Please go to “Aldentekitchen […]

Recipes: Cooking Foods Italian Style – Octopus Salad – Polpo con Patate

Recipes: Cooking Foods Italian Style – Octopus Salad – Polpo con Patate more details in my culinary books published by     Octopus with potatoes is a wonderful and easy salad recipe! Hopefully you have already prepared the octopus as per instruction in the “Preparations” section…otherwise please go to check it out!     […]

Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Well, a triumph of Vegetables on your table! this preparation is simple and pleasant to see and tasty to eat, I am truly happy to show you it! You can prepare this recipe as appetizer, as side plate or even as vegetarian main course! You could add to this recipes more ingredients, like raisins, pine-cones, […]

Duck & Roasted Potatoes

 Duck has lovely and sweet meat, which can be prepared in thousand different ways, today I show you a recipe easy to carry-out, using only the Duck Legs and other few ingredients, I love Roasted Potatoes especially when they get the taste of the main course. Usually I prepare Duck with a Fruit Sauce which […]

Fish Roe Sauce

 Today i got a nice gift: I bought some Fin-Fishes and when I open three of them I found…their Eggs! Fresh Fish Roe are popular in many markets, in “La Bouqueria” of Barcelona-Spain  for example but in other places they are not even considered: very bad! Fish-Roe dishes are terrific! Fish Roe are delicate, so you need to handle […]

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