Tomato Sauce










This is a wonderful preparation of a genuine Italian “Tomato Sauce” which we use daily as seasoning for pasta or for other preparations.

The ingredients are:

two carrots

one small onion (more or less the same weight of the carrots)

three cloves of garlic

three leaves of basil

one or two leaves of laurel

few leaves of parsley (every three cloves of garlic put 30 leaves of parsley)

six to eight tomatoes (to process with the blender) or a pound ( half kilo) of tomato juice.

extra virgin olive oil

half glass of white wine

marine salt 40 grams approximation, always you must check the taste before the sauce is ready


Start adding six-seven spoon of extra virgin olive oil in the frying-pan, you do better using a frying-pan made in “terracotta” earth-ware  the sauce will become better in taste.







As the oil become hot drop in it the chopped carrots and onion sto fry until they fade.






Add the chopped garlic and parsley now: cook for two-three minutes and you have just prepared the “soffritto” for your sauce!








as the garlic and parsley fade, add the blended tomatoes









Stir with a wooden spoon, then add basil and laurel leaves.









Let cook until the sauce starts to boil, then add the marine salt.








After about 20 minutes of cooking, add half glass of white wine. remember to stir the sauce every 2-3 minutes since the beginning of the preparation







To avoid to have drops of sauce jumping everywhere around cover with a lid partially open,always pay attention to not burn your skin .







The sauce has to cook slowly.








Your sauce will get a beautiful red and orange color.









Usually I cook on top of my wood-fire kitchen (which I love…..) I am sorry today I didn’t use my “terracotta” pan…. as you can see I got the same a terrific sauce! there is a nice smell all around my house!  parfume of happy moments to come….. hey! It is time to check salinity and taste with a small spoon!  If the taste is bitter you add more salt, do it easy and in small quantity, then stir the sauce and check the taste again…



Yeah! it is ready! look to the golden-orange color! PERFECT! you can put on top of your spaghetti or keep in a closed pot (when the sauce become cold enough you can put in the fridge for few days, covered with a spoon of oil and with the lid, you can warm before to use)….buon appetito!















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