For Human Beings the wood represent since the beginning the easier material to make tools. Toothpick has its own importance in kitchen; safe and clean helps us to carry out several tasks in simple way.


 Toothpicks can be easy inserted to close big pieces of stuffed meat….











 ….avoiding to use needle and wire which often we don’t have in our kitchen, toothpicks are so common instead!









 It is important insert properly the toothpick without break and damage it once the toothpick pierced the flesh, it can be easily driven in the correct direction to seal the gap…









 Toothpicks are used for certain fishes which are bag shaped and which we stuff with other ingredients.









 how to use toothpick to check if the pie is ready?










Dig the toothpick deep inside the pie, wait few seconds then retrieve it out









if toothpick is sticky and wet it means the pie still need to cook longer,

instead if toothpick come out dry it means the pie is ready.









The toothpick check can be done for any kind of pie and for Meat and Fish, too.






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