Topinambur Al Vino Rosso




Topinambur are curious vegetable used centuries ago in Europe, this before potato was imported from the Americas and become the most popular food worldwide. Far to be forgotten Topinambur are appreciated for their delicate and delicious taste, here I give you a simple recipe to make a wonderful complement to main courses or, otherwise, an excellent vegetarian dish.

Topinambur born underground so they must be first cleaned from the residuals, then washed very well








 using a small knife you can even peel the Topinambur if you like








 usually I try to keep the skin because is rich in vitamins and minerals, so I scratch of the impurities with the blade of a knife, after that I wash the vegetables under running fresh water






 to make easier this preparation I cut each vegetable in the middle








 just like in the picture











 I put to fry some butter with two cloves of Garlic (which I cut in half)









 I will fry to brown the Garlic… 










 …adding a leave of Laurel and after…










 …the Topinamburs









 a good pinch of Marine Salt is needed










 stir to mix the Butter and the Salt with the Topinamburs…








 …then cover with a lid and let cook for five minutes (covered)









 open the lid and stir again









 add half glass of Red Wine











 set again to cook covered by the lid for another five minutes









 then open and stir well again








cover and leave another five minutes









ok after five minutes they are ready!










 they stuffed in the Red Wine! Enjoy !!!





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