Ovoli Mushroom Pie – Tortino di Ovoli al Forno

Today morning my son Michele got “Ovoli” mushrooms in the woods around my home….let’s go to do something special! you can do the same recipe with any other kind of edible mushrooms…pay attention to the dangerous toxic mushrooms: always check with an expert.



Ovoli !











two pounds – one kilo of  “Ovoli” mushrooms

four Potatoes – three Eggs

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garlic & Parsley mix (see in category “Preparations”)

one pound – one kilo of “Ricotta” cheese (or any other creamy cheese)

three spoons of Flour type “00” – Marine Salt – Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Peel the Potatoes











clean with a small brush and knife the impurities from the mushroom and wash them under running fresh water, then separate the stems from the head of each mushroom









cut the stems in pieces: to be processed in the blender together with…









the Eggs, the “Ricotta” cheese and…










add one spoon of Garlic & Parsley mix and blend.










add one pinch of Marine Salt, blend again, then check for the salinity: remember that salinity depends on the cheese you are using.








after I checked I noted that one more pinch of salt was needed, so I add it!










when the mixture is ready, you will add two-three spoons of Flour (type”00″) this will make the mixture consistence… blend again.










what a beautiful job we did !!!








after peeled you have to cut the potatoes in slices half-inch thick (1 centimeter)










prepare the oven pan: wet with water










drop the water away (surface should remain wet)









insert oven-paper (it will stick to the wet surface.










make a layer on the bottom with the Potatoes slices










fill the spaces with small pieces










drop the mixture made with the blender










make a flat surface keeping everything inside the paper










set on top the “Ovoli” heads










cover everywhere










after this spread a pinch of Marine Salt on top









put in the oven, cook 350 Celsius (660 Fahrenheit) for 25-30 minutes










you will see the pie becoming consistent when ready









let the pie cool down, then you can cut and enjoy !!!









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