Wild Birds (Game) Sauce

Ingredients: birds, onion, garlic, bacon, anchovies in oil, tomato juice or in can.
clean from the feathers with fire
do it very well then wash and dry with a cloth
put the oil from the anchovies in a pot, you can add extra virgin or butter if you like
drop some anchovies too
add the chopped onion
cut in dices and add the bacon
let fry
always stirring
also the garlic and other herbs
chop and add to the pot
clean andcut the birds in pieces
as the onion fades
add the birds piece after piece
spread two pinches of marine salt and stir
after six-seven minutes add half glass of white wine
cover with a lid and let cook for three minutes, then open the lid to stir
add the tomatoes
you can add concentrated of tomato if you like
just like that
add half glass of white wine, check the salinity
as the sauce reduced it should be ready.
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