Wildboar Fresh 1 Rumpsteak

Wildboar is my favourite meat, I simply love it! 

When you work wild animals you should do some tricks to get rid of the strong taste. Usually the meat from wild animals has to be drown in to wine and spices for at least 12 hours. But these steaks were so delicate that I didn’t want to make them too wet due to marinade, so I did the following: I made a mixture of simple spices using leaves of sage, rosemarythyme and laurel and few cloves of garlic: all of them chopped big. I dressed the steaks surfaces with the mix, then I put the steaks in to a big bowl (without adding any wine or juice), one night in to the fridge and the trick was done!

Ingredients: (at least one steak for each person)

a bunch of dried “porcini” mushroom

a bunch of pine-cones

garlicsage – laurel

extra virgin olive oilmarine salt



First of all I cut the bones to keep the ribs apart for another preparation, then I slice the meat with a big butcher knife…








 …making six steaks of 500 grams 1 pound each or more









Revive the dried “porcini” in fresh water









prepare the spices: as usual I am giving to you the recipe with the minimum of spices necessary; this is because I want to make my recipes easy to do for everyone and everywhere, I don’t want to make you mad to find the ingredients in the market!For example in this recipe you could add “juniper berries”, may you find these juniper berries at your market? Regarding the pine-cones if you don’t find you can replace with walnuts, but pine-cones are more delicate and tasty.



Start frying sage and garlic in two spoons of extra virgin olive oil.








 Squeeze the water out the “porcini”.










 Chop the “porcini” small.










Drop them in to the pan to make the “soffritto” with the sage and the garlic.









As the “soffritto” fades add white wine (1/4 of glass is enough). Add the pine-cones too!

 Let the wine dry…








 As the wine vanished and the “soffritto” restarts to fry, raise the fire high, then put the steaks with one side touching well the “soffritto” do this operation for each steak.







Spread a pinch of marine salt.










After two-three minutes turn the steaks upside down always paying attention that each one has to touch the “soffritto”








Let cook for two-three minutes.










Add the laurel










Use a wooden tool to move the steaks in such way to get the “soffritto” going all over.








Spread half-glass of white wine and as the wine vanish…the game is over!


Buon Appetito !!!





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