Wildboar Fresh 2 Ribs In Salmi’

On the same day I prepared the Wildboar Steaks I did also a second related preparation, this time using the Wildboar Ribs: do as follows and you will not only have a wonderful main course but also you get an incredible sauce for your “Fetuccine” or “Pappardelle” pasta!





three-four pounds of Wildboar Ribs

5-7 ounces of Black Olives

1 liter of Tomato Sauce

one glass of broth of meat

few dried “Porcini” mushroom

a bunch of Pine Cones

Garlic – Sage – Laurel

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Marine Salt






 let’s start saying that I already cooked the Wildboar Steaks, (do you remember?) as per my previous recipe, in a “soffritto made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Sage, Laurel, Pine Cones, Dried “Porcini” mushrooms, and…









 …White Wine. I take out the Steaks to eat then… in the same succulent “soffritto”…









 I put the Wildboar Ribs!

starting to cook them and…










 …adding the Black Olives on top










 cooking for four-five minutes and then…










 …adding the Tomato Sauce. You could use fresh tomatoes instead, processed in the blender, if you like.









 as the sauce start to boil I added part of the water used to “revive” the dried “porcini”










 a pinch of Marine Salt is needed










 Please go back to see my previous preparation: “Testina di Maiale”, there I made the broth of meat which I am going to use, you could use chicken or vegetable broth instead.









add one glass only.










 place the lid on the pot but…











 …let it cook open, helping with a wooden tool.

The lid is needed to not spray around your kitchen the sauce.

cook it at moderate fire, for about 40-45 minutes, stir every 10 minutes but again the fire very slowly and nice, or you could burn everything.






 if you choose to use an earthenware pot this preparation will become easier to do…










 …you have to imagine the wonderful smell of this sauce….i did another shoot because I simply love it!









 Ok, it is done…. I miss already this one!

use this sauce with any type of pasta…it is so good….







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