Wildboar Heart

I got these hearts from wildboars hunters: these are so fresh you cannot imagine: just check the pictures! I added spinach as side dish: you will find the recipe as “spinach on the side“.  






wildboar heart

parsley & garlic mix (find it in category “preparations”)

extra virgin olive oil

marine salt

flour type “00”

white wine

black pepper

Start cutting the hearts in small cubes.




 Always check well your ingredients before to start: here you can see the bullet which hit the heart killing the animal.








Set to fry one spoon of parsley & garlic mix in to two spoons of extra virgin olive oil








 drop the cubes of heart in it!










 Heart doesn’t have to cook for too long: keep the fire high and in few minutes it is done.








 Add half glass of white wine, reduce it quickly then add just a bit of black pepper.









 Add a small pinch of marine salt.

 Stir well.









 Get one spoon of flour type “00” and spread it on the top of the meat.








 Just like that !









 Then stir well mixing the flour with the sauce.









 Do not cook too much or the meat will be hard.

Complete with spinach on the side.











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