Zucchini Omelet

Simple things are the source of our happiness…Zucchini are simple Vegetable and need to be prepared in simple way, hopefully in the market we find Zucchini along with their own Flowers which can be used either for salt or sweet preparations… Zucchini always need a hint of Marine Salt to exalt the taste, and kindness because Zucchini are so delicate… do not need to be peeled of their skin but a cut on the part attached to the stem is necessary.

You’ll find further details in the category “Preparations – Zucchini”



Ingredients: (6-8 portions)

4-5 Zucchini (one pound – half Kilo) with their Flowers (7 ounces – 200 grams)

10 ounces (300 grams) of grounded Cheese (Parmesan, Grana, Pecorino, etc. a seasoned Cheese)

3 Fresh Eggs – 2 Cloves of Garlic (if you don’t like Garlic simply don’t put it!)

Marine Salt – two spoons of Butter (if you don’t like Butter use Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead!)

as usual the ingredients are approximate: I want you to learn how to make your food with whatever quantity you can get, doesn’t matter the grams what is important is to achieve a rich and pleasant taste!

If you didn’t find the Flowers doesn’t matter: proceed with the Zucchini only! The same if you didn’t find the whole Zucchini but you got the Flowers: increase the quantity but remember that the Flowers are more tasty so you need less to prepare your Omelet! ( for example 14 ounces (400 grams) in total of Flowers are enough for three Eggs)




wash and prepare your Zucchini as per instruction in the category “Preparations – Zucchini”, then put two spoons of Butter to melt in a fry-pan, slice Zucchini and their Flowers and put to fry … add the Garlic after 5-6 minutes (as Zucchini start to fade) this because…






…we want to “brownie” the Zucchini so their taste will be exalted but we don’t want to burn the Garlic or the Omelet will become too bitter, so add the Garlic only after Zucchini fade, you see in the picture? Zucchini are cooked longer than the Garlic (wich is just yellow-ocra)







drop in to a bowl to cool down for few minutes (otherwise you’ll cook the Eggs adding them, so wait for a while!)







as Zucchini are at normal temperature you go with the Eggs!










add the Cheese now and mix with a fork, slowly please, be kinda!











add a pinch of Marine Salt, this quantity depends on the quality of Cheese you used.










now you put the mixture in the fry-pan which is still oily of Butter. In the case that the fry-pan is dry, or you prefer to use a clean one, add some butter at this point.







spread the mixture on the bottom of the fry-pan and let cook…you will see the mixture densify. depending upon which type of fry-pan you use maybe you need to detach the Omelet from the border and the bottom of your fry-pan with a wooden tool, do the operation with care…






do not use high temperature to cook because the Omelet needs to cook internally too. as your Omelet is hard enough to be taken in a plate do it!









then you should turn it upside down…







…this in order to cook properly both sides. the cooking time is variable: it’s you have to understand when the Omelet is cooked: the consistence must be hard enough to be able to do clean cuts of it without break it in pieces…








Buon Appetito!!!







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